"The Passcode Login program is located in the Specials section of Momos Software Shop. Despite this it is used like the other crackers to defeat server security checkpoints. It differs from the other cracking software in that there is no automated component, the program leaves the cracking entirely up to the hacker. Passcode checkpoints are often found on the entry to higher level file servers and on bank account records. There is only one version level of this program."

"When you encounter a passcode security checkpoint your browser will display a page with the checkpoint in a small box. Drag the passcode program and target the checkpoint. The passcode program will start automatically. A set of five characters will appear in the Sequencer window. The characters will cycle quickly but one of the characters will appear in every sequence, although it may move around within the five character sequence. Only valid hex characters can be part of the passcode (a-f, 0-9). Enter the repeating character manually with your keyboard and if you enter the correct character, the progress bar will increase in size. If the bar does not get larger use backspace and try again. When you enter the whole code correctly the security will be cracked and you will be taken to the next page on the server."